All in the family. Mom for Mayor.

— By: Theresa Coates Ellis — The last thing I wanted to do was shoot new images for the Theresa Coates Ellis for Mayor 2020 campaign in a pandemic. Surely, my old, previous images would be fine. Wrong! When you have creative daughters who work with you in business who have equipment, watch out.

All of our family have contributed to this effort to win the Mayor seat. Jill with her keen strategic planning, Chris with strong resources, Nat, who has a firm grip on national events, Christina, keeps us smiling and is our writer and Healthcare source, Kat, our teacher and daughter in science, and my sis, Trish, who keeps us all calm, and of course, George, my husband who is right there with us every step of the way. Alli and Laura have been in operations with their availability and skills.

During the lock-down, my daughter, Alli, a film and creative director, swooped me out of town to find a place where we could shoot images safely. She left LA and NYC to get some wide open space with her pup Trinity, and found work in Virginia. Her pandemic home was located in the perfect spot in a Virginia rural setting.

To prepare, every color of wardrobe was spread out, hair was blasted with hairspray, jewelry was laid out, and places were scouted out for backgrounds. Since I am also a photographer, it was nice to be the subject and let someone else be in charge.

The colors: vibrant yellow, red, and blue — glowing with hope.

The setting: outdoors and in a beautiful historic home called Fairwood, visited by Martha and George Washington. Beautiful stonework, woodwork, large windows, and probably haunted. Now, vacant, with a lot of work to be done, there are renovation plans.

As I move forward to be your Mayor, my daughters and expanded, amazing team will continue to grow so I can focus on serving our City of Manassas during a pandemic from recovery to prospering again.

Dancing with Team Ellis

Our residents and community deserve a qualified Mayor with a strong background in healthcare and business with a vision for the future.

Let’s move forward together.