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“During this time of crisis, we see humanity coming together to help each other in time of need.
However, the recent tragic events that have happened have shaken our communities. We must continue to come together for the betterment of not only our communities but humanity, as we move forward together to form a better world.”
                                                                                  Theresa Coates Ellis

Theresa for Mayor 2020 COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Statement:
“To our City of Manassas community: The absolute top priority during this challenging time as we combat the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is the health, safety, and well-being of you, your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. I will provide resources for credible information and assistance to move us forward as we join together in our City of Manassas with hope and positive thoughts, actions, and results.
Visit my “Manassas City Resources” page on my website and follow me on social media for updated information and stories about our City of Manassas spirit to keep our drive alive. Remember to wash your hands, wear a face covering, and keep a 6 foot social distance. Check off your “To Do” list, think, play, explore, create, and care for yourself, family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors with technology or within the updated safety guidelines.  We will get through this together! Feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance to you.”

Thank you visiting Theresa Coates Ellis for Manassas City Mayor 2020!

Our plan #ManassasTogether is a living, ever-changing plan during this crisis leading to recovery.

Our next program in our #ManassasTogether plan:

Join our #ManassasRollOut as we #ProtectTogether #PrepareTogether, and #ProsperTogether again.


1. #ProtectTogether. Overcome fear. Put proper precautions and testing or screening options in place for safety to fuel growth.

2. #PrepareTogether. Share resources and wisdom with others. Come together and grow plans in place and restructure for need. I have initiated or directly collaborated with these groups. A few of my strategic partnerships, or supported community councils, groups and organizations are listed below*

3. #ProsperTogether. Balance our budget. Create jobs. Volunteer. Give back. #ManassasTogether

Theresa’s Initiatives and Supports:

Manassas All-Faith Together — our leaders of faith. Lights, bells, food, services. (Thanks David, Marles, and Melyssa)
Neighbors COMING Together (HMO/CMO group)
Bee City USA Manassas 
Shadow for a Day: Professional and Job-Seeker Network
Inter-Service Club Council — More than 26 service organizations and nonprofits and government entities.
MCPS including CTE
NOVA and George Mason University

Novant/UVA Health Systems
Historic Manassas Inc.
Prince William Chamber
City of Manassas Economic Development Authority
Keep Manassas Beautiful, Citizen Action Committee, Beautification Committee
Organic community groups such as #OldTownStrong (OTS)
Equity and Inclusion Task Force
The Safe Haven Project with OTS


Theresa, an elected Manassas City Council Member, who believes in our City and is looking forward to continue to serve the people as their Mayor in the upcoming 2020 election!

Theresa Coates Ellis has 30+ years of healthcare professional management, a proven small business owner, and a community volunteer leader who has surrounded herself with a diversified network in our City of Manassas.  As a parent to seven all-grown-up children who attended Manassas City Public Schools, she built her own small city business, and is active in leadership positions in education, the airport, Rotary Clubs, and volunteer organizations.

Theresa cares about our community, embraces our history and understands our challenges. As a mother and business owner, she is an experienced communicator and problem-solver.  She engages with the community and get things done!


Theresa is a proven leader that delivers on my promises to make changes happen. Here are some of the positions that she serves in the community:

Inter-Faith Council initiation with community members of faith. (#ManassasTogether in Light, #ManassasTogether in Sound with Bell ringing, #ManassasTogether in Song)

Patron and founder: Neighbors COMING Together (HMO and CMO group)

Initiated and patron: BeeCityManassas for sustainability with awareness for native planting and saving the bees and pollinators with Bee City USA.  Community outreach painting and making bee and pollinator houses and bee hive boxes for art display with members and businesses.

Patron: Liberia Historic Garden and Grounds Committee — working with Master Gardeners, Prince William Beekeepers, garden clubs, Buds and Roses, and community to plan, organize, and plant native plants and attract pollinators.

Economic Development Authority liaison with grants for businesses and rent relief.

Founder of the Annual Shadow for a Day Program providing internships and career sources for students and community members with a professional network.

Past-elected President, Inter-Service Club Council (ISCC) (2 terms) — a club of 26 service organizations and nonprofits that join together for the benefit of the community.

Appointed Assistant Governor, Local Rotary Area Clubs for Manassas City and Prince William County. Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Past Appointed Member, Manassas Regional Airport Commission — one of the highest revenue generating regional airports in Virginia.

Past Board Member, Manassas City Public Schools (MCPS) Education Foundation and Advisory Board Member MCPS Career Technical Education.

Founding Sponsor, CCN, Osbourn High School Media Team.

Family businesses employing professional jobs to more than 50 employees in the City and Greater Manassas area.

George Mason University Communication Dept. Alumna of the Year 2019 and community speaker for entrepreneurship.

Theresa is hard-working, gets results and cares about our community! Join #ManassasTogether!— protecting, preparing, and prospering in our City of Manassas people and community.

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