Meet Theresa

Growing up in a humble family living paycheck to paycheck, her parents saved what they could, took an opportunity, and opened their own auto repair business. Theresa grew up in the shop — pitching in with her sister and brother to drive their family business to success. Her dad still enjoys running his shop.

She helped her dad take care of her mom, who passed away after a challenging battle with Lewy Body. Her mom shared her love of art and gardening with Theresa.

After graduating from Lancaster Catholic High School and working multiple jobs to pay her way, Theresa attended Millersville University, Pa. She was the first in her family to attend college. She graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Business Communication and was selected by the Department of Communication as Alumna of the Year in 2019.

She founded a Manassas, Va. business as a healthcare professional manager expanding into marketing and communication, operating the business for more than 25 years. She and her husband George have a family of 6 daughters and 1 son, who attended our public schools and state universities.

Theresa was elected and serves as a Manassas City Council Member and has outperformed every local Republican in the last 5+ years. She is the only elected Republican on Council. With her experience and skills in communication, business, and as a genuine, caring person who stands up for the residents, she continues to work together with all Council Members and gets things done to serve and benefit the community.

Theresa, a proud Nannie to 2 grandsons, with children in the U. S. Air Force, believes in the strength of people and is looking forward to continue to serve them to thrive again in our vibrant state of Virginia.

Theresa won her Manassas City Council seat as a Republican in a competitive district. She believes in protecting voter integrity, individual rights, and liberties. She is a leader, advocate, and humanitarian in many organizations from the Master Gardeners, Beekeepers, Rotary International, American Red Cross Biomedical Committee (blood donations), Suicide Awareness, and spreading awareness about Lewy Body and Alzheimer’s Disease. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, she is a liaison in our region’s Economic Development plans on Land Use and the Airport Commission.

She founded her own annual Shadow for a Day mentor program creating jobs and careers for people. She was a past leader in the Girl Scouts and is a member of All Saints Catholic Church.

Move forward together to thrive.

For our Family and Loved Ones.
For our Faith and Beliefs.
For our Community.
For our Businesses.
For our Health.
For our Country.
For our Freedoms.