Meet Theresa

Victory! Thank you to everyone who supported Theresa Coates Ellis to elect her to Manassas City Council!

She believes in our City and is looking forward to serving the citizens and community as their councilwoman in the upcoming 2019 four year term!

Check out her recent video to learn more about her. More videos on the “Manassas Talk” page.

Theresa Coates Ellis is a mother, a proven business owner, and a community volunteer who has surrounded herself with a diversified network in our City of Manassas.  As a parent to seven all-grown-up children who attended Manassas City Public Schools, she built her own small city business, and is active in leadership positions in education, the airport, Rotary Clubs, and volunteer organizations.

Theresa is a person of action and she has a plan to Grow Manassas Together!

Theresa cares about our community, embraces our history and understands our challenges. As a mother and business owner, she is an experienced communicator and problem-solver.  She engages with the community and get things done!


The City of Manassas is the perfect place for children to develop career-ready skills in high school and for new and established businesses to grow and flourish. My plan will unite businesses with students for career and college readiness.

Years ago, I trained to be a Master Gardener Volunteer and I can tell you the best way for a garden to grow is to ENRICH the soil, GROW the seeds, and watch it FLOURISH.

My plan to Grow the Manassas Business Landscape is built on these principles. This 3 step plan will attract new entrepreneurs to open their dream businesses, and to nurture the established ones or individuals that call Manassas home.


  • Compose a strong strategic plan
  • Find investors and funding


  • Find the right place with easy guidelines to be compliant
  • Hire talented people


  • Innovative promotion for awareness
  • Invest for expansion

This program will spur great economic growth and breathe new life into our city. Everyone has a dream in mind, and Manassas can become the place to make it happen.


Theresa is a proven leader that delivers on my promises to make changes happen. Here are some of the positions that she serves in the community:

Founder of the Annual Shadow for a Day Program providing internships and career sources for students and community members.

Past President, Inter-Service Club Council (ISCC) — a club of 26 service organizations and nonprofits that join together for the benefit of the community.

Appointed Assistant Governor, Local Rotary Area Clubs for Manassas City and Prince William County.

Past Appointed Member, Manassas Regional Airport Commission — one of the highest revenue generating regional airports in Virginia.

Past Board Member, Manassas City Public Schools (MCPS) Education Foundation and Advisory Board Member MCPS Career Technical Education.

Founding Sponsor, Osbourn High School Media Team.

Family businesses employing professional jobs to more than 50 employees in the City and Greater Manassas area.

George Mason University Communication Dept. Alumna of the Year 2019 and community speaker for entrepreneurship.

Theresa is hard-working, gets results and cares about our community! Let’s Grow Manassas Together!— with improved education, creating jobs, fixing traffic problems, safer and cleaner neighborhoods and stopping the tax hikes on families!

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  1. Requesting political lawn sign of Ms Theresa Coates Ellis for city Council please for Dadivas’ Resident at 8595 Richmond Ave. 20110. Repeat, Richmond Avenue not Street. THANK YOU.

  2. Requesting political lawn sign of Mrs. Theresa Coates Ellis for city Council please for Ruiz Resident at 8823 Weems Road. Thanks you.

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