Manassas — now is the time for a change — time for a new perspective for our historic city.  Time for building a Strong Manassas!   If you need to register to vote, do it NOW!   

SAVE the DATE: Elect Theresa Coates Ellis for Manassas City Council on Tues., November 8, 2016 at your regular voting place! 

Together we are the key to a strong Manassas

Join Theresa to create the next chapter for our City of Manassas

Meet Theresa — her background, family and interests

Theresa cares about our community, embraces our history and understands our challenges. As a mother and business owner, she is an experienced communicator and problem-solver. She engages with the community and get things done!

Theresa cares and listens to the community in the City of Manassas  — here is what people are talking about:

  • Strengthening schools
  • Stimulating economic growth and creating quality jobs
  • Improving transportation and walkability
  • Safe and cleaner neighborhoods
  • Fiscal responsibility

Educating our youth to be career-ready and college-ready are important to the success of our children and our city. As a mother, she was a Girl Scout leader at George C. Round Elementary. She was also a parent volunteer during the years that her children attended the public schools.

As a business owner, Theresa has mentored many students. She has encouraged entrepreneurship as a critical skill for creating opportunity and building relationships between students and businesses. School performance scores impact housing, business and growth. Strong schools for a Strong Manassas!

Attracting more quality businesses and boosting local commerce keeps jobs close to home. Promoting walkability is healthy and reduces the number of vehicles on our roads for a Strong Manassas!

Our police, fire department, emergency response teams and medical community are top-notch.  These brave and talented men and women provide protection, safety, relief and care for a Strong Manassas!

Controlling litter and blight are very important.  Our city should be a desirable place to live and work. Encouraging people to invest in their neighborhood creates a Strong Manassas!

Theresa gives back to the community with commitment and leadership.  She serves the community as a member of the Manassas Regional Airport Commission, President of the Bull Run Rotary and as a board member with the Manassas City Public Schools Education Foundation.

Theresa is a Republican candidate for Manassas City Council. She is on the Executive Committee in Operations for the Manassas Republican Committee.

Theresa is hard-working, gets results and cares about our community! Working together we can make a difference!

Elect Theresa Coates Ellis for a Strong Manassas!

Dedicated. Focused. Ready.

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