Thank you for visiting! Theresa Coates Ellis won re-election to Manassas City Council for 4 more years on Nov. 8, 2022 as the official highest local vote-getter in the whole City.

“Thank you to Manassas City residents for casting your vote for my re-election to Manassas City Council! I was top vote-getter for the entire City! My family, friends, supporters, and volunteers were the energy that led us to victory!

There’s so much more to do with you as your Councilwoman! I am honored to have the opportunity to serve you for 4 more years! And as I promised, fight hard for you and now across the aisle every meeting.

Now let’s get to work — on these high tax bills, excellence in education, Manassas celebrating its150th birthday, growing our annual Manassas Bee Festival and favorite events, creating good jobs, supporting small business and families, and keeping our neighborhoods safe — to start.

I am so impressed with the candidates and families who committed to run this cycle and thank them for stepping up and making Manassas a better place.

Official results are in! I look forward to working and serving for you.”

— Theresa

Theresa has 2 grandsons and raised her 6 daughters and 1 son with her husband George. She is experienced as a self-made small business owner, proud military mom, and passionate volunteer leader as an American Red Cross Chair and iPast Rotary Area Governor. She is also a trained master gardener and beekeeper. She is a hard-working problem-solver, gets results and cares about you and our community.

Let’s Thrive Together with Theresa!