Manassas — now is the time for a change — time for a new perspective for our historic city.  Time for building a Strong Manassas!   If you need to register to vote, do it NOW!   

SAVE the DATE: Elect Theresa Coates Ellis for Manassas City Council on Tues. November 8, 2016 at your regular voting place! 

Join Theresa to create the next chapter for our City of Manassas

Meet Theresa — her background, family and interests

Theresa cares about our community, embraces our history and understands our challenges. As a mother and business owner, she is an experienced communicator and problem-solver. She engages with the community and get things done!

Theresa cares and listens to the community in the City of Manassas  — here is what people are talking about:

  • Strengthening schools
  • Stimulating economic growth and creating quality jobs
  • Improving transportation and walkability
  • Safe and cleaner neighborhoods
  • Fiscal responsibility

Educating our youth to be career-ready and college-ready are important to the success of our children and our city. As a mother, she was a Girl Scout leader at George C. Round Elementary. She was also a parent volunteer during the years that her children attended the public schools.

As a business owner, Theresa has mentored many students. She has encouraged entrepreneurship as a critical skill for creating opportunity and building relationships between students and businesses. School performance scores impact housing, business and growth. Strong schools for a Strong Manassas!

Attracting more quality businesses and boosting local commerce keeps jobs close to home. Promoting walkability is healthy and reduces the number of vehicles on our roads for a Strong Manassas!

Our police, fire department, emergency response teams and medical community are top-notch.  These brave and talented men and women provide protection, safety, relief and care for a Strong Manassas!

Controlling litter and blight are very important.  Our city should be a desirable place to live and work. Encouraging people to invest in their neighborhood creates a Strong Manassas!

Theresa gives back to the community with commitment and leadership.  She serves the community as a member of the Manassas Regional Airport Commission, President-Elect of the Bull Run Rotary and as a board member with the Manassas City Public Schools Education Foundation.

Theresa is a Republican candidate for Manassas City Council. She is on the Executive Committee in Operations for the Manassas Republican Committee.

Theresa is hard-working, gets results and cares about our community! Working together we can make a difference!

Elect Theresa Coates Ellis for a Strong Manassas!

Dedicated. Focused. Ready.

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