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Thank you for visiting Theresa Coates Ellis Your Councilwoman in Manassas City!


BLOOD, PLASMA, PLATELET DONATIONS: Visit the American Red Cross to make an appointment for these critical shortages to help patients recover. Free Sickle Cell testing and Antibody testing. If you would like to host a donation site, please contact We need new sites in all of Northern Virginia.

FOOD DONATIONS and DISTRIBUTION: Visit ACTS in Manassas or Dumfries and donate cases of canned goods. One type of canned good instead of a variety is easier to sort for distribution. The website provides dates and times for food distribution for our community with food insecurities.

Who I am.

Theresa, an elected Manassas City Council Member, who believes in our City, is looking forward to continue to serve the people. Here is a summary of Theresa’s background:

. Resident for more than 30 years. Married to George Ellis. Mom to seven adults: Chris, Allison, Christine, Natalie, Kathryn, Jill, and Laura — who attended our public schools, USAF, and state universities.
. Nannie to Colby and Jaxon.
. Thirty years of healthcare professional management and proven small business owner
. Community volunteer leader:  City Council Member, Education Foundation, Airport
Commission, Rotary Area Governor, President Inter-Service Club Council.

What I have done.

Theresa’s Initiatives and Support for the City of Manassas:

. #ManassasTogether COVID-19 initiative: Protect. Plan. Prosper.
. The Safe Haven Project, renovate visitation room for children in foster care, with
. Manassas All-Faith Together: Lights, bells, food, services.
. Neighbors COMING Together (HMO/CMO group)
. Bee City USA Manassas initiative
. Liberia House Garden and Grounds, Clean-Up Committee Patron Council Member
. Shadow for a Day: Founder, Professional and Job-Seeker Network
. Inter-Service Club Council: Two term President of 26 service organizations, nonprofits
and government entities.
. Manassas City Public Schools Education Foundation and CTE Advisory Board
. George Mason University Alumna of the Year 2019
. “Thank you to our Heroes” initiative for COVID-19 first responders
. Historic Manassas Inc. Two years “One Love” Music/Art Festival committee
. Prince William Chamber member
. Economic Development Authority liaison: Grants for COVID-19 Relief
. Keep Manassas Beautiful, Citizen Action Committee, Appointments Committee
. Equity and Inclusion Task Force initiator
. Rotary Area Governor 3 year term for City of Manassas and Prince William County
. Founding Sponsor, Community Connection Network (CCN), Osbourn Media Team
. Family business owner employing professional local jobs more than 50 employees

What I will do as we move forward together.

Public Health and Safety: My top priority is the health and safety of the people.  No elected or Manassas City leader should negatively and intentionally impact the safety of the people.

Economic Growth: My efforts continue to drive economic recovery for you.  Real experience in long-time business practices, management, marketing, relationships is critical as I continue to lead in this economic crisis caused by the pandemic.  Businesses are supported to thrive to supplement the revenue needed to fund our City of Manassas.  I support our local businesses and promote the City for new business and retention. With my 30 years background in business, healthcare management, marketing, and communication, as your Mayor, I represent you professionally and am building our community back to economic prosperity.  This is the time to elect the right person for the future of our City of Manassas’ public health recovery, economic recovery and education recovery.

Diversity and Inclusion:  As a Mom, past Manassas City Public School Education Foundation board member, founder of the Osbourn Media Team, and Area Governor of Rotary, one of the top service organizations in the world, I have mentored, advocated, and worked with many, many diverse students and team members, who support me as Mayor. I have been invited and traveled to a diverse developing country to meet with community leaders and school officials to initiate global assistance.  As a City, we must continue to support diversity and inclusion giving all people the opportunities they deserve.

Improving Education: The world-wide public health crisis has created an education crisis with students, teachers, and parents adjusting to a new way of instruction in our schools — virtual and later possibly hybrid learning.  This is the safest option during these uncertain times.  As we move forward, the school’s role will be to implement their plan to welcome our students and faculty and teachers back to in-person school and options to improve access to learning.

Responsible Spending: As we recover and thrive, our City will need a balanced budget with affordable taxes to help our citizens stabilize as well.  The Council and Mayor must work with staff to analyse our budget line by line to enter the next phase for the future.

Sustainable Practices: As we improve public health, balance our budget, better our education  continue to grow our economy, and keep our City safe, we must also consider the sustainability of our City and people. I support the continued improvements of our parks and recreation.  The addition of native plants throughout Manassas to attract pollinators, such as bees in danger — who are critical to our food source. This is important for  people’s long-term health and life.  

We will prosper together with a balanced budget, by creating jobs, encourage volunteerism and giving back.

Theresa is hard-working, gets results and cares about our community.

Let’s move forward together with Theresa Coates Ellis Your Councilwoman.


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  2. Requesting political lawn sign of Mrs. Theresa Coates Ellis for city Council please for Ruiz Resident at 8823 Weems Road. Thanks you.

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