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Why we have them when we’re young

This summer I was introduced to a fidget widget — a hot commodity according to Colby, my seven-year-old grandson. Basically, a toy — a fancy replacement for playing with your pencil, clicking a pen, doodling or twirling your hair when you are bored or anxious. Finding this toy became a part of his mission during his solo visit with us during the week. When the opportunity … Continue reading Why we have them when we’re young

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Jump into July and have a blast!

July is a month full of great music, food and fun! Check out what the City of Manassas has going on in July. Celebrate America Tuesday, July 4th, 3:00pm-10:00pm Historic Downtown Manassas Celebrate America this Independence Day with one of the largest fireworks displays in Northern Virginia! It’s an all-American party in Historic Downtown Manassas, sponsored by the City of Manassas and Historic Manassas, Inc.! … Continue reading Jump into July and have a blast!

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Build it and they will come

As college students prepare for graduation, they sort, pack, toss and plan. After finding that perfect outfit to walk the big stage, they ponder. Young and new professionals are emerging into the workplace. Finding a job or a career is the number one priority. The reality of life — bills — are about to hit them. The last thing they want to do is move … Continue reading Build it and they will come

June is bursting with events!

Happy June! Here are some fun activities for the first month of summer! Friday, June 2nd: National Doughnut Day Celebrate this annual holiday by planning your morning stop for tomorrow morning! Click here to read about some of the businesses participating by giving away FREE donuts! Friday, June 2nd: First Friday in Historic Downtown Manassas 6:00pm-9:00pm in Historic Downtown Manassas, Cost: Free Enjoy the variety … Continue reading June is bursting with events!

Manassas May Events

Here’s what is happening in the City of Manassas and surrounding areas: National Prayer Day May 4 from 7 pm to 8:30 pm at Harris Pavilion. Join in for reflection and praise with community members and local churches.   First Friday Weekend: Much Ado About Art Festival May 5, 6 and 7! Historic Downtown Manassas. Art shows, Manassas Reads! and Music during a 3 day festival! Rooftop Productions: You’re a … Continue reading Manassas May Events

College students: puppies and butterflies

As college students prepare for graduation in May, career-prep and self-awareness weigh heavily on their minds and create a few butterflies in their tummies. Parents: Be patient. After raising a bunch of kids, I know they usually do figure things out. But you do need to listen and guide them ever-so gently. My daughter Laura Coates​​, an Osbourn High School alum, will complete her Business degree ON … Continue reading College students: puppies and butterflies

Hop into April!

Get ready — Spring is here — with activities, events and things to do galore! We were lucky to have a mild winter but the warmer weather is always welcome. The big highlight of the month is Easter with celebrations, reflection and break time.  Get your calendar ready and start planning your April! 1. Student Scholarships Students! Time to visit your Career Service Dept. or Guidance Counselor to apply … Continue reading Hop into April!

Helping deployed hometown heroes 

Even after saying goodbye to my military son ten times, as his mom, I always have a sick feeling when I think of my child, “over there.” Chris is an Osbourn High School graduate who joined the U. S. Air Force after witnessing the plane hitting the Pentagon as he was driving to work.  As an Osbourn Iron Eagle award winner, he did almost every sport imaginable from a starting quarterback for the Varsity Football … Continue reading Helping deployed hometown heroes