Where, When, and Why to Vote for Theresa for Council and both slates of candidates.

Did you know there was an important election this year on Nov. 8? Important because our City of Manassas is at a turning point. The car tax bills are outrageous and the children are suffering from severe learning loss in our public schools. All caused by the last 6 years under the majority control of fiscally irresponsible and inexperienced leadership.

We are losing our City. Please get out and vote for the Responsible Republicans on the ballot for Council and School Board. Please think about the survival of the city, we need balance in government for fairness to you and to thrive in our future!

There are many options.

Search all of our candidates websites and social media listed below, choose your voting day, and consider voting for:

Theresa Coates Ellis for Council
Lynn Forkell Greene for Council
Rick Bookwalter for Council

Sara Brescia for School Board
Mel Kent for School Board
Sam Gross for School Board