Over-budget — now at $12.2 million –City Hall renovation: Not the right time or use of your money.

With supply chain issues, record-breaking inflation, and spending out of control, now is the time to re-examine spending and Capital Improvement Plans in our City of Manassas and to vote the Democrats out. Our City Hall renovation on a 35 year office building is $5 million over-budget because of the economy. Labor was also over-budget because the trades are in-demand.

Read more: Sticker shock continues: Manassas to dip into rainy day funds to pay for office building renovation (potomaclocal.com)

Our residents were hit by Democrat majority YES votes (4-2) to send outrageous tax bills for personal property and real estate. The personal property that includes vehicles — cars and trucks — used daily for work and life, crippled almost everyone — an very unfair tax.

The YES Votes (Ayes) to INCREASE YOUR car/truck (personal property tax bills) were the Democrats. Seconded and put to vote by Ralph Smith, Democrat. The NO Votes (Nayes) AGAINST your high tax bills were Republicans. Please vote for Ellis, Greene and add Bookwalter to balance this Council. The tax bills are outrageous.

While real estate tax bills are also outrageous, it impacts only real estate owners that can trickle down to renters — but personal property impacts almost everyone who drives today.

With the real estate market shifting and building projected to slow — wait. Lynn Forkell Greene and I voted NO on this new budget, the increases in personal property tax for your trucks, cars, and vehicles, and NO to the tax bill increases on your real estate.

Please note that a 98 bed brand new hotel with 4 floors in Manassas City was projected to cost Tru by Hilton $13.95 million and a projected local tax revenue benefit of nearly $370,000 during the first full year of operation. The grand opening was the Fall of 2020. I researched construction costs: To show the contrast in building costs and with government and private buildings, Jacksonville is building a Tru by Hilton with 98 beds for $6 million and was permitted in 2021 with 45,147 square feet. Our City Hall — an office building — with about 35,000 sq. feet is $12.2 milllion. I argued to rebid and seek contractors local and who do not just build government buildings — high bids. Democrats voted against this — so your tax money is being wasted — once again.

Groundbreaking held for Tru by Hilton Hotel in Manassas (potomaclocal.com)

City Hall is an office building — not a special use building like a public safety, fire station, or a school.

I asked for modification for a more efficient customer care option only. Democrats were against this as well.

Please get out to vote to balance a lopsided City Council. We fight for you and with Theresa Coates Ellis and Lynn Forkell Greene re-elected and adding Rick Bookwalter — we will have a fair and balanced Council to stop these outrageous spending that are hitting our residents hard.

Research your candidates — we are job-ready with the experience that matters to be your City Council members.