Fighting high energy prices + taxes + spending on the trail. VOTE May 21st!

Our #DiningWithTheresa has a new twist. We added VIRTUAL lunch meetings “Talk with Theresa,” for people who are busy, saving on fuel or energy, and who are busy or too tired in the evening to go to travel to one more meeting!

Our next IN-PERSON:
Hector’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant
Tuesday, March 22nd arrive 6pm
12846 Fitzwater Dr. Nokesville!

See what happened with Theresa on the Trail for this week:

Business owners in Sterling are struggling to find people who will work and stay on the job. Family members are coming in to help keep it together!

Cold weather and high energy bills in Middleburg.

Friends from church are jumping in to volunteer at full force with a brunch and visits planned all over District 10 back to back.

As a Rotary Area Governor, I had the chance to travel and connect with volunteers all over the world to help with service projects and meet our next international leaders.

Our essential workers are exhausted covering multiple shifts hoping people will get back to work.

Praise to my Rotary international women friends in service who volunteer to make Tanzania — one of the poorest countries in the World — a better place to live with clean water, food, education, and health.

Thank you to our businesses who are supporting Theresa for Congress. I am a fellow small business owner who understands the challenges that they have faced during COVID-19. I will fight unfunded and unconstitutional mandates and government over-reach.

Antique show packed with people selling their treasures with unique stories in history.

Fresh sushi in Nokesville. I love it all. #SupportLocal

Our front line volunteer firefighters were so appreciative of the gourmet chocolate chip cookies. They are following the new stadium locations possible for District 10 and one of their residents opposed it in Sterling because of traffic.

Meet Connor who adores Disney and is going to visit for his 30th. He is excited to visit Animal Kingdom. He is kind and loves photography and Ciro pizza served at our meet and greet in Aldie. He might visit the Manassas Bee Festival that I initiated with the Beautification Committee on Sat. June 25th at Liberia House and Grounds, Manassas. Stay tuned!

Ciro Pizza is amazing. I tried to work in more veggies for the day.

As a Rotary leader, this week our Northern Virginia District presented their annual training to our upcoming Presidents to lead their club members and increase membership to serve our community.

Visited with Rappahannock voters who said connectivity is still an issue for some residents. Spring is coming and the traffic will increase to see the beautiful blooms in this gorgeous wide-open landscape in District 10.

Popped into our Manassas LA Fitness to play racquetball on a cold day with my daughter. It’s great to see folks exercising for physical, mental, and emotional health.

Budget work sessions all week as we begin meetings and public comments. As an elected Council member, property assessments increased and now the fight begins against raising the tax bill.

A Prince Wiliam breakfast with my husband George and daughter visiting from Manhattan. She escaped NY during the beginning of the pandemic to live at a farm in Virginia and comes back and forth to work as a creative director. We both are alumni of George Mason University.

Maple bacon donuts are their special treats at Aldie Country store and cafe. This is why I play racquetball.

Ciro and his family restaurant have excellent Italian food in Loudoun. A favorite in Stone Ridge after a long day of work. During our “Pizza with Theresa” planning for this week, the manager shared that he is looking for more staff and supplies received are not consistent. A lot of stress on our businesses and families right now!

Best time at Comic Con people watching participants dressed in costumes to shop for collectibles, comics, art, and pose for pictures. A fun family event.

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VOTE Theresa May 21st at the new locations listed on our website home page! One early day of voting on May 12th!