Top vote-getter! Theresa wins re-election to Manassas City Council.

Thank you Manassas City residents for casting your vote on Election Day for my re-election to Manassas City Council! I was top vote-getter for the entire City! My family joined me today for support and helped win more votes!

There’s so much more to do for you as your Councilwoman! I am honored to have the opportunity to serve you for 4 more years! And as I promised, fight hard for you and now across the aisle every meeting.

Now let’s get to work — on these high tax bills, excellence in education, our 150th birthday as a City, creating good jobs, supporting small business, and keeping our neighborhoods safe — to start.

I am so impressed with the candidates and families who committed to run this cycle and thank them for stepping up and making Manassas a better place.

Unofficial results are in! Congrats to all the top winning candidates including Sara Brescia for Manassas City School Board! I look forward to working with them for the benefit of the City.