Theresa Supports Students: Focusing on integrity and credibility

I graduated from George Mason University cum laude with a degree in Business Communication and was awarded Alumna of the Year in 2019 for all the work that I achieved with students and the community to open doors for opportunity to thrive. And I continue that passion today as an elected Councilwoman in Manassas City.

Alumna of the Year 2019, George Mason University Communication Department

The Communication Department is not an easy department to impress. They are hard-core journalists, media specialists, creatives, technical gurus, and critical of any work that is not credible.

With my experience in education, and as an award-winning communication expert, I am disappointed when elected leaders and the media who we wish were trustworthy sources — create writings, posts, hacked up videos, and messaging that are edited to manipulate and deceive the people who they serve.

Example: when reporting on City Council meetings — if they happen in a small conference room, it is a work session for information and direction. If there is no agenda item for a “surprise” point of discussion or recorded votes on the minutes, it is “political theater” and wasting taxpayer money and paid staff’s time.

Mentoring local young leaders in Rotary in City Council Chambers for official meetings.

You know deception when you see writing with no sources, and butchered video with sound bites on social media with no sources.

When I mentor students, this is an example of what they should never do to be relevant, credible or trustworthy.

Mentoring with Leadership, Integrity, and Accomplishments in the Community with Students:

Founded CCN Media Team, Osbourn High School

. Formed the Osbourn Media Team Community Connection Network (CCN) in 2015 with Mr. Emanuel, media teacher, while serving as an appointed Manassas City Public School Education Foundation member, to cover local stories and school news. I mentored these students to report with good sources —not unverified or purposely manipulated.

As a Manassas City Public School Education Foundation Board Member presenting our new Media students to teachers and staff at Hylton Performing Arts Center

. Launched the annual ISCC Volunteer and Scholarship Fair to connect service organizations and nonprofits with students for opportunities.

. Founded my Councilwoman initiative: now the 5th annual Shadow for a Day connecting students to careers.

. Mason community speaker to Communication students for strategy, media and ethics invited by professors during sessions.

Awards and Recognition:

. Bull Run Rotary Club Volunteer of the Year 2016

Appointed Area Governor Rotary PWC and Manassas 3 year term to 2020

. Voted two term President ISCC 2017, 2018

. Mason Alumni of the Year 2019 and Featured Community Speaker.

. The most rewarding experiences have been working with people, sharing expertise, listening to them and connecting them for opportunities in a career, in higher education or training or in volunteering to make their life better and make a positive impact on their community or the world.

Please consider Theresa Coates Ellis for Manassas City Council re-election in early voting to Nov. 5 at 9025 Center St. or at your regular precinct — usually your nearby public school. Visit to find out where to vote.