Councilwoman introduces historic 1st all-women slate in Manassas!

(Anna Phillips for Treasurer, Stacia Jennings for Commissioner of the Revenue, Lynn Forkell Greene for Council, and Councilwoman Theresa Coates Ellis)

Great news!

When I was elected to Manassas City Council in 2018, I vowed to help recruit and mentor new qualified candidates. And after meeting and guiding many interested potential candidates, it is such a pleasure to officially endorse our 1st all-women slate in the history of our City of Manassas!

Lynn Forkell Greene for Council, Anna Phillips for Treasurer, and Stacia Jennings for Commissioner of the Revenue.

Early voting begins Sept. 17th and election day is Nov. 2!

Reach out if you want to volunteer or donate to our team of hard-working, dedicated, and experienced women!

To learn more about these excellent local candidates for the City of Manassas go to:



Read the news below for details:
3 women make history as first-ever female slate of GOP candidates in Manassas (

Launch party: Thurs., July 15 at 6 pm at Olde Towne Sports Pub, Manassas!