Home is where the flowers (and weeds) grow

Summer has been a whirlwind of travel, work and connecting with family and community. But today we are home, digging in and admiring the fruits of our labor. Seeds started in the spring have dotted our yard with color.

Grilling out, saying goodbye to carbs — again — and hard yard work are on the agenda.

I can do laundry and fight dust bunnies with George — Ok, I am not a fan of housework, but it’s the feeling of calm — doing that routine stuff that sometimes brings contentment. Kids are grown, doing their thing and George and I are hanging around, doing our thing.

We work hard in our businesses, play hard and need to just pull a weed once in a while to remind us about what is truly important. The simple things.

With a big family, our own small businesses and a passion for serving,  staying focused and prioritizing is important — dinner together, staying active, attending church, touring our garden and investing time with people — our family, friends and community.