Messy fun at Manassas Clay

By: Theresa Coates Ellis — What happens when three adult daughters want family bonding time before dinner on a Friday evening? They book a clay sculpture class in Historic Manassas. 

I love the arts, but never had the chance to sculpt a slab of clay from scratch. My husband wanted to  watch, but soon dug right in and took the craft quite seriously. With precision, care, and a few laughs at our successful and failed attempts, five new pieces of art were made. 

Creative clay themes ranged from patriotic, bubbly, whimsical to meaningful. 

JoAnna from Manassas Clay was the perfect host. After a nice tour and step by step instruction, our pieces were ready for the kiln. 

1. Roll it out

2. Measure and cut to desired shape

3. Decorate or paint 

4. Wrap or mold

5. Add additional ornaments (handles, base,  etc.)

6. Pick a glaze

7. Wait for piece to dry

8. Fire in kiln — super hot

9. Enjoy

In two weeks, finished mugs, vases, and pencil holders will be glazed and ready for gifts!

I encourage everyone to visit Manassas Clay — artists and their beautiful work are on sale with classes to learn the craft.