Proud momma weekend

By Theresa Coates Ellis — It was a triple play home run this weekend with my grandson, Jaxon’s birthday; my daughter, Kat’s graduation and Mother’s Day.

Jaxon turned 6 years old and is an expert at FaceTime — even while jumping on a trampoline. Even though he is far away in Georgia, we all shared several phone sessions for his big day.

Kat was awarded a Masters in Biology and was hand-picked as a key speaker in her Department graduation ceremony. She nailed it with an inspirational speech about the importance to seek an answer not just ponder the question. She is a woman of action. She defends her thesis in a few weeks. I can’t wait to be in the audience.

Mother’s Day is always emotional for me. I miss my mom who passed at a young age in late 2016. However, I celebrate my role as a mom and admire anyone the takes on the role as a mom as their most important job.

This weekend patience and persistence made me proud. My son is raising a creative, fun-loving, smart young boy. My daughter is on the road to seeking answers to important questions in science, excelling as a leader to her generation. And I feel like, at this time, biting my tongue when necessary, but staying firm, has paid off. I have been lucky — where hard work meets opportunity. But I am also aware that it could all change in a split second. God Bless Mothers for the strength to endure heartache, the courage to say the right thing and the patience to let time evolve.