From Osbourn Eagle to Indonesia — Destination Learning

My daughter, Kat Coates, and I are exploring an educational business model. Destination Learning. The entrepreneurial spirit has even hit the scientist!

Students pay or are awarded to learn and educators are paid to teach all over the world. My daughter Kat Coates, Osbourn Eagles, has been a self-funded or grant-winning student in S. Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Peru, and even Florida.

Now that she has defended her thesis, she is off to Indonesia with her MS in Biology to teach Rainforest Biology to international high school students. They will hike for 7 hours with 50 pounds of equipment to sleep in hammocks, live in the forest with no tents or running water and electricity for two hours a day. As her mom, I have verified the program, but I am still a bit nervous. However, in her field of study, this is her work.

Europeans have a gap year between high school and college. There are so many interesting programs available. As high school graduation becomes a reality, it can be tough to let them go, but our Osbourn Eagles soar! And when they come back, they can make our City of Manassas better.

My children have been self-motivated in their learning experiences.  Their ideas have been funded by them and presented to me with challenges.  If they did not have the program details, facts, money ready to go, they would not go.  Exploring the world is risky with responsibilities and it is not for everyone.  However, if the work was done, I would consider the plan.

Here are some of the programs that my kids have experienced: AmeriCorps, Personal Overseas Development (POD), University’s Study Abroad programs, University internships, WWOOF and now Opwall. Check them out!

Whenever they return, I have found that they miss us and have even more respect for their life and country.

My experience is that thinking outside the box with real-world experience and family support will educate our students to grow and appreciate their life and move forward to encourage opportunities for themselves and others.

Please share your learning experiences.