Combatting COVID-19 #StayHome

Hello City of Manassas,

With more than 30 years of healthcare management experience, I have seen the transition from last year to now when we evaluate the impact of the coronavirus on our community and our frontline.

Please understand the importance to stay safe, sanitized, and secure during this challenging time as we combat COVID-19. The Governor has ordered a Stay-at-Home order until June 10. Upon Governor Northam’s orders, people should only leave their homes to obtain food, supplies or medical care, or for exercise. All gatherings of more than 10 people are banned. Here are some steps that we are taking to flatten the curve in our community.


Our teachers during this time are stepping up in this time of need. We must support our teachers in the City of Manassas as they stay connected to our students and families.

Every Monday from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm, a five-day food supply is distributed at the curbs of Osbourn, Weems, and Round to cars with students. This week I participated, with gloves and social distancing, in the feeding of more than 25 cars at Osbourn. From a distance, I encouraged students to read, keep learning, and enjoy the sunshine with exercise at home.

Small Business

I am working to make sure that small businesses are supported and remain open in a safe, stable way. Make sure our friends and neighbors can be helped during this time when many are leaving their jobs and owners may be struggling to keep the lights on. Here are some things you can do to do your part:

● Participate in my Council member Ellis e-Gift Cards for Community program that I launched this week. Buy from local businesses and email e-gift cards directly to our local frontline and families in need. Visit for email contact information. Direct income boost to business and showing support for our frontline and families.
● Use take-out, pick-up curbside or drive-thru options.
● Seek out Go-Fund Me pages to help Manassas Business
● Adhering to 10 patron guidelines with 10 people inside and outside on a patio
● Sign up for newsletters and stay updated with for updated opportunities for small business in local, state and federal government for finances, loans, grants, and unemployment.
● Contact Historic Manassas Inc. to add your business and current operations plus specials to their website.
● Contact or call (571)247-6729 (cell) with any questions or comments.

First Responders

To those nurses, doctors, First Responders, and those serving on the frontline, on behalf of Manassas, we say thank you. We must all do our part to support these brave men and women as they put themselves at risk.

Stay safe and healthy. We will be get through as a stronger community because we are waiting and working as #ManassasTogether. Thank you to all of those who are doing their part for our City of Manassas.

#EatLocal #ShopLocal #FeedLocal #CombatCOVID19

All my best,