Join our #ManassasRollout plan

Thank you visiting Theresa Coates Ellis for Manassas City Mayor 2020!

Our plan #ManassasTogether is a living, ever-changing plan during this crisis leading to recovery.

Our next program in our #ManassasTogether plan:

Join our #ManassasRollOut as we #ProtectTogether #PrepareTogether, and #ProsperTogether again.


1. #ProtectTogether. Understand fear. Put proper precautions and testing or screening options in place for safety to fuel growth.

2. #PrepareTogether. Share resources and wisdom with others. Come together and grow plans in place and restructure for need. I have initiated or directly collaborated with these groups. A few of my strategic partnerships, or supported community councils, groups and organizations are listed below*

3. #ProsperTogether. Balance our budget. Create jobs. Volunteer. Give back. #ManassasTogether

States are re-opening. Email me with success stories and obstacles that you learn about from credible sources. Theresa@ManassasTogether.

*Manassas Inter-Faith Community — our leaders of faith. Lights, bells, food.
(Thanks David, Marles, and Melyssa)
Neighbors COMING Together (HMO/CMO group)
Shadow for a Day: Professional and Job-Seeker Network
Inter-Service Club Council — service organizations and nonprofits and government entities.
MCPS including CTE
NOVA and George Mason University
Novant/UVA Health Systems
Historic Manassas Inc.
Prince William Chamber
City of Manassas Economic Development Authority
Keep Manassas Beautiful, Citizen Action Committee, Beautification Committee
Organic community groups such as #OldTownStrong