Manassas Protects and Prepares Together

As of this morning (5/5/2020) the Virginia Department of Health is reporting 289 confirmed coronavirus cases in the City of Manassas and now 1 death.

covaid 05052020

A decision on moving to step one is planned to be Friday, May 15th for nonessential workers which was extended from Friday, May 8th by the Governor.

Step 1:
All businesses need to promote safety with physical distancing. Policies to keep coworkers and customers with clear signs, limited gatherings, wearing face coverings at work. Routine cleaning and disinfecting. Protecting workers: allowing workers breaks to wash their hands and use proper hygiene procedures.

– Number of cases are rising, because of increased testing.
– Following downward trend of positive tests.
– Over the weekend, we tested more than 6 thousand people a day.
– Following a decrease in hospitalization.
– Hospitals are reporting a good supply of PPE.

– VA has received PPE decontamination units, that will be in Richmond and Newport News.
– National guard is helping deploy testing, don’t be alarmed if you do see them in our towns.
– Supplies: check this out:

Poultry plants:
– Over 600 cases.
– CDC has come to VA, MD and NC to help and find solutions.
– Closely monitoring situation to ensure plants are keeping safety measures.

Opening America from the White House:

Two weeks coming up:
– Teacher Appreciation Week
– Virginia Resilience Week