Revisiting Grant Ave. Streetscape Plan

During the pandemic, government continues to serve and decisions are still being made for the City of Manassas.  If our Georgetown South community members, including their board of directors, have any questions about the Grant Avenue Streetscape Plan, that has been discussed for years and is a projected funded in the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), please contact me at

At the time of the vote, there was not clear funding information, so I voted, “No,” against the project. However, the City Council majority ruled with votes of “Yes.”

There were a few options at the Georgetown South community center for the members to speak during the planning process. After the vote, I attended the meetings during my term.  I spoke directly — in person — to many who favored an investment in Grant Avenue — an often neglected part of the City. The project included landscape, a safe crosswalk, a funded utility upgrade and bond-funded road projects. I also spoke to other people who were against the project because of traffic and funding.

As we move forward, I encourage the current board of directors of Georgetown South — the governing board that represents the community — and community members, to voice their opinions on this matter. The design of the road from 4 to 2 lanes will be subject to public input. Be proactive,  and follow the calendar on The website is easy to navigate and citizen time is at 7:30pm at every City Council meeting.

And also please contact the Council members who voted, “Yes,” to voice your opinion.

For complete details, timeline and facts about the project, visit:

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