Shadow for a Day | Beekeepers

BEE AWARE! Councilwoman Theresa Ellis introduces her Theresa Ellis 3rd Annual Shadow for a Day Series 2020 (virtual) program.

Watch + Shadow BEEKEEPER George Ellis, Manassas, plus Jim Gehlsen, President Manassas Regional Beekeepers Association.

BEE Prepared — Theresa Ellis Shadow for a Day with Beekeepers is a comprehensive introduction to bees, and honey beekeeping with experts from the @Prince William Regional Beekeepers Association (PWRBA). Special thanks to Lifelong Learning Institute for inviting George to present the beekeeper program.

The Shadow for a Day program and network connects people for mentoring, jobs, and careers.

A different career or job will be highlighted every other Thursday.

Next video series : Thursday, August 27 Noon —
Shadow for a Day with a Brewer.
Special Guest: Blane Perry, Sinistral Brewing Company, Historic Manassas, Inc.

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Theresa’s Shadow for a Day program career connections has been building for 3 years. Message, or email your contact information to join this generous community group dedicated to network with you for mentorships, jobs, and solid career advice.

As your Manassas City Councilwoman, I am excited to continue this program for more jobs, careers and opportunities as we move forward.