Just another day at work

I had to manage a healthcare clinic today. All the women came to work for the injuries, infections and surgical consults that were booked. If we didn’t go to work, our patients would have suffered. We worked side by side with the doctor to achieve the same goal.

Maria went to work to manage the DD that brews the coffee that keeps me running. Best. Coffee. Ever.

Karen, the City of Manassas, had sick puppies and kitties to take care at the vet clinic.

My sister, Trish in FL, had stressed or sick clients who needed therapy.

Laura and her fellow teacher had kids to provide counseling and education in SC.

Lori, another elementary teacher in PA, just sent me a photo of her desk at the end of the day after the children went home.  Piles of paperwork. Just another day for her.

And Kathy in Prince William County, managed communities — pets, trash, safety and of course parking issues.

The best photo of all is one that I can’t show.  My U. S. Air Force son sent a picture of a feisty red-haired woman who is on watch in Iraq. Thank God for her service to our country. She protected herself, my son and his team from the epic nightmare over there.