For the love of leading

By Theresa Coates Ellis —

Every Tuesday morning at 7:30 am, I joined a group of early birds as President of a club in one of the oldest service organizations in the world. We planned events, charitable giving, and fellowship.

When I proposed a new idea that I had seen in Delaware, Flags for Heroes, to benefit the Bull Run Warrior Retreat, we went full steam ahead to accomplish one of the most majestic displays of American Flags that I have ever seen in the City of Manassas.

The Manassas Museum was the backdrop for the week of 100 patriotic flags waving on the front lawn. Spectators visited the display from all over the world.

Now that my year-long term has ended, our new President would like to expand the Flags for Heroes from 100 to 200 flags.  I’m so excited that this event will continue to grow in our community.

My year was a challenge and very rewarding. We increased membership, and contributed to music education, CASA, the Boy Scouts, and my son’s USAF troop in the Middle East. Members attended conferences, conventions and even happy hours to learn more about their organization and their members.

I urge everyone to volunteer their time to a service organization to met like-minded people and contribute to the community. It is a very rewarding experience.