Singing Christmas Trees in Manassas City 

The house was clean and the Christmas boxes with decorations were lined up in the garage waiting for a tree. We piled in our vehicle to visit Plantland to see Don Gray. Greeted by Tiger, the skilled mouser, we meandered through Douglas Firs (labeled ugly trees) and Grand Firs to pick a small reasonably priced evergreen. It didn’t quite work out that way.

We fell in love with a not-so-small 9 footer with soft needles and a wide girth. It might be a tight fit in our living room.

On the way home, we stumbled upon the Singing Christmas Trees in a nearby neighborhood in Manassas City. It was an amazing synchronized display of lights and whimsical movement.

In the Lee Manor neighborhood on the cul-de-sac near the corner of Greenleaf and Shannon Drive, it is a sight to see. I’m not sure how it works, but see it!