Ellis proposal: Extend use of outdoor space for a safe Manassas City business rollout

— Manassas City Councilwoman Theresa Coates Ellis proposed for City of Manassas flexible guidelines in place as soon as possible to get businesses up and running again when the Northern Virginia Phase One begins. Council in attendance all agreed with Ellis proposal to prepare together: 

I initiated a set of business guidelines for a Manassas rollout mid-April by working with businesses in mixed industries, Economic Development, and City Staff.

On Monday, May 11th, at our Manassas City Council meeting, I formally initiated and proposed that these guidelines be in place before the Phase One implementation now delayed by the Governor’s Order 62 for after Thurs., May 28 midnight.

With Phase One coming for Manassas to open together, it is time for guidelines. As a business owner with 30 + years in Healthcare Management, I understand the public health priority. We must move Manassas forward with caution.

Our City needs to be ready to assist our community, as needed, and be flexible to the needs of the community as we carefully re-open together.

As a Manassas City Council member, and the council liaison for Economic Development Authority (EDA –our community group), I propose that staff works on these guidelines – working with healthcare, businesses, EDA, our Manassas Business Council, to swiftly formulate this plan tailored to our community. This is a priority and as a council we should be prepared to meet with special meetings or work sessions to Move Manassas Forward Together.

Extend use of outdoor space for businesses. Be flexible with public and community space to accommodate the social distancing necessary for the businesses to move forward to thrive.

I will be active in the implementation of these guidelines to assist businesses to work with staff (Economic Development and Community Development and Historic Manassas Inc.) to have a plan that works for them.

Make it happen! Next City Council meeting Monday, May 18 at 5:30pm.

Please see the meeting video above for more details.