Manassas offers many virtual faith-based opportunities

— My community out-reach, Manassas All-Faith Together initiative to connect our houses of faith, worship, and reflection, was started years ago. I have visited many of the wonderful services offered in our City of Manassas and share a network of information with members to assist our community.

Our City is a City of Churches.  We are fortunate to have a diverse collection of options available.  I have been welcomed as a guest and also worked as a volunteer for opportunities in many congregations to give back and start programs in family crisis, food drives, walking for water, craft fairs, Spanish/English speaking learning programs, sports programs, scouts and most recently with our bell and chime-ringing for hope every night at 7pm .

Each organization has unique programs with wonderful members who work together as a community.  During the pandemic, when mass meetings are not happening, this is a good time to “visit” all the different faiths and if you are searching, become educated spiritually.

Some offer Zooms, like BRUU, with more than 100 participants every Sunday. Others have “live” services, such as All Saints Catholic Church and Manassas Baptist Church, both with much larger congregations. The pandemic has spurred technology advances for our houses of faith.  My Parish, All Saints, recently started a facebook page — just in time to continue their Masses during one of the most challenging times in history.

Here is a list of facebook pages for searchable places of faith or contact organizations  — please feel free to add to the list by emailing me their social media or website information to

MBC Women’s Ministry, All Saints Catholic Church, Grace United Methodist Church, NOVA Catholic Mamas, Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church, Nina Lomax, with BRUU (Bull Run Unitarian Universalist), Manassas Presbyterian Church, First African Methodist Episcopal Church of Manassas, First Baptist Church of Manassas, Manassas Baptist Church, Emmanuel Baptist Church