City Buzz: What’s growing, crawling, and flying in Manassas?

We’re getting ready for Bee City USA in the City of Manassas. As the patron Councilwoman for this designation, I have been working on my initiation to #PrepareTogether.

What is Bee City USA? It’s bringing awareness and planting native plants and attracting pollinators — important to save our bees in crisis.

Need help? We have our experts ready to name and identify what’s growing, crawling, and flying in our City.

Who are the experts?

1. As a trained Master Gardener, I can tell you what’s growing and what native plants to grow.

2. Our daughter Kat is a creeper and crawler expert. She is a conservation biologist and completing her PhD and has taught and studied all over the world.

3. My husband George is a trained beekeeper. He has an apiary with 7 bee hives and lots of honey.

Go ahead give us a challenge! As you walk, hike, mow, or meander, snap us a zinger and we will tell you what it is.

Comment on social media with an image of your mystery species, where you found it, and we will ID it and document it for our Bee City USA Manassas data and designation.