Nurture Your Future: Childcare and Job Resources plus Funding

By: Theresa Coates Ellis, Councilwoman and #YourMayor2020

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Back to School begins for many students, parents, families, and teachers within the next week(s) and the search continues for assistance with the safer virtual classroom learning. 

As your Manassas City Council Member, I supported and pushed strongly for the CARES Act allocation funds to help with childcare and jobs until the deadline of Dec. 29, 2020.     

Listed below are Childcare Assistance Resources to help with the high demand for childcare. Job Assistance Resources for people preparing to return to work, search for job certification, training, and mentorship.

I have compiled a list for parents looking for help and for older students looking to help.  

Let’s move forward together. 

Childcare Assistance Resources:

The City of Manassas has a new text app for our residents who speak Spanish. Text the word atencion to 888-777 to sign up.

Nueva aplicación de textos en Español – Para inscribirse
envie la palabra Atencion al 888-777 para recibir mensajes
informativos en Español de la Ciudad de Manassas

Goal: Resources and connections for parents, students, neighborhoods in childcare for virtual learning.

  • Department of Social Services: Grants for childcare reimbursement assistant programs. *Print the application below at the end. Email for an application. American Red Cross COVID-19 Guidance:

  • NOVA: Prior to returning to campus, all faculty, staff and students are required to complete an online COVID-19 training module that includes safety and anti-stigma information. Full-time faculty and staff can access the Return to NOVA COVID-19 training modules in NOVA Academy (COVLC). Adjunct faculty and wage employees can access the training modules in CANVAS.

  • Resources for Virtual Learning:

Manassas City Public Schools — Main website connecting to all schools.

CHESS Homeschooling: 
Fb: chess.homeschool.classes 

Private schools:

  • Religious Education:

Remember to check out your place of worship for their plan for religious education.  

For example: All Saints is registering until Sept. 11th:

Job Resources:

Visit for the CARES Act assistance available for skill training and support assistance. 

Join my 3rd Annual Shadow for a Day network! Connect to a large network of local people in careers available to help students, young adults, and career-changers that are looking for jobs, a new career or mentors.  Contact me at or on Shadow for a Day Manassas facebook to receive information to help you move forward.

*Childcare Assistance Application (English and Spanish):

Print and return or email for an original: 


social service childcare 1

social service 2

social services childcare 3

social services childcare 4

social services childcare 5


ss childcare spanish 1

ss childcare spanish 2


ss cc spanish 3

ss cc spanish 4 .2

ss cc spanish 5

Please email me with any questions or additions or edits to this list. 

Thank you and good luck as we move forward together.