Mayor Hal Parrish (retiring) endorses Theresa Coates Ellis for Manassas City Mayor 2020

HUMBLED AND HONORED TO BE ENDORSED by our Mayor Hal Parrish (Retiring), who is asking you to vote to elect: ✅ Theresa Coates Ellis #YourMayor2020

“Theresa Coates Ellis is experienced, helpful, trustworthy, compassionate, and willing to consider new ideas.

She is a leader who has worked and worked over many years to make a difference for the betterment of everyone in Manassas and will continue her dedication as your Mayor.

Theresa is the right person to be our next Mayor in the City of Manassas! Please join me in electing Theresa Coates Ellis on Nov. 3rd.”

Mayor Hal Parrish (retiring)