Preparing for Phase One Together in the City of Manassas

#PrepareTogether for Northern Virginia Phase One:

— By: Theresa Coates Ellis — As your Manassas City Council Member, I proposed with Council agreement, for our Community Development, Economic Development, Historic Manassas Inc., to work with our volunteers in Economic Development Authority, and Business Council, to initiate safe social distancing guidelines for retailers and restaurants to reopen in Phase One.

Potomac Local News:

“Manassas City Councilwoman Theresa Coates Ellis said the city needs to move ahead with this plan, and fast, in the event the number of coronavirus cases declines and restaurants and retail shops are allowed to reopen.

We can’t have individual business coming before the city council to get an exception to use the sidewalk, said Ellis. We don’t have time for that.”

Thank you for Community Development for releasing these requirements late yesterday. (Full Press Release Below)

1. Limiting 50% of the normal number of people who can occupy a space and served outside.
2. Separation between customers and tables.

The guidelines address an amendment for use of public streets and sidewalks for retailers and restaurants for immediate easier use for businesses to operate in the common areas on private property.

Historic Downtown and Public property with potential street closures and expanding sidewalk dining and opening up publicly owned property for table seating should contact the permit office at or 703-257-8278. Contact the VA ABC to serve alcohol in expanded area.
Private Property or common areas in retail centers, can also expand and establish outdoor dining areas.  Contact the property owner or manager to get permission and email or 703-257-8278 for application and questions with a request to setup an outdoor area.

1. Property address
2. Seating capacity and attach certificate of occupancy, if available.
3. Hours of operation
4. Proposed safety measures to delineate the area (fence, cones, etc.)
5. Drawing/map of outdoor area footprint (can be drawn on a google aerial map, section of site plan, etc.)
6. Property owner approval in writing.

Businesses are encouraged to post their expectations for safety requirements and customers comfort at their entrance for clear messaging. People with health conditions can use their own best judgement to proceed into Phase one.